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This home showcases just a few of the modern and contemporary lighting fixtures we have to offer. Please explore this gallery to learn more!

Builder: Matt Bailey

This custom home was built for a client of the Bailey Company. Located in East Springfield, this home showcases just a few of the modern and contemporary lighting products we have to offer.

Our Products & Services

We provided full service lighting design, fixtures and controls for the interior and exterior of the home. The lighting design provides both powerful aesthetics and function for this home.

By The Lighthouse Gallery

When thinking about lighting design it is important to first understand the differences of styles. Many homes built today often find their unique blend of multiple styles. Using this home as an example contemporary is not specifically limited to any one particular style, rather it can be attributed to design and architecture deemed fashionable, modish, novel and smart. We believe this is the best way to describe this custom home.

In this gallery you will see the attention to detail and the concept of rejecting ornamentation and overembellishment with the lighting design, instead using it to further clean lines and accentuate the overall architecture of the space. Each space was carefully designed to not only create design unification for the entire property, but also create elegant statements no matter what room or space you are in. If you would like to learn more about our lighting styles or how you can design or remodel your home we encourage you to take full advantage of our free lighting design consultation.











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