Choosing proper bathroom lighting for the bathrooms in your home isn’t always as easy as it initially sounds. Sure, you might think you just have to go to the store, select the lights of your preference and get them installed. But there’s a lot more that goes into purchasing optimal lighting than simply picking and
Long gone are the days of intense humidity and heat here in Missouri (thank goodness). Most of us are probably welcoming the cool breezes and fall rainstorms with open arms, but this chillier weather isn’t just for snuggling up on the couch. With an optimized patio, you can still continue to use your patio during

Upscale Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathrooms seem to be utilized as more than just bathrooms these days. No longer are the days of pure functionality. Homeowners are turning their bathrooms into personal getaway oases that are both practical and relaxing, and that all starts with optimizing the bathroom lighting of the room. At The Light House Gallery, we offer high-quality,
Even though summer is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean our time spent in the outdoor spaces of our homes has to go with it. You still have time to optimize the lighting of your outdoor patio and make it a space for entertaining and relaxing in fall weather! But where do you start?
Believe or not, your bathroom is one of the rooms in your home where having optimal lighting matters the most. Think about all the tasks you accomplish daily in your bathroom where great lighting is essential. You cleanse yourself in your bath or shower daily. You use the sink to brush your teeth or shave
Finding the perfect lighting solution for your home might seem like an easy and mindless task, but in reality, it’s more complicated than you might initially think. If you choose too dark of a lighting situation, you won’t be able to efficiently complete everyday tasks such as reading or cooking. If you choose lighting that
  When it comes to living in a small space, we know that more often than not, you have to make-do with what you got. You might one day be able to utilize your “Dream Home” Pinterest board that stores your dreams of giant crystal chandeliers and elaborate floor lamps, but in the meantime, you’ll
Your home’s living room is a room of versatility. You utilize your living room for a wide variety of tasks: to relax on lazy Sundays, to throw summer barbecue parties for your co-workers, to host your weekly “Bachelor and wine” nights. But finding the perfect lighting solution for your home ’s living room isn’t as
Like most things in our home, our ceiling lights tend to collect dust as the months go on — almost always without us noticing. Unfortunately, ceiling light fixtures are not quite as easy to clean as our table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces or wall lights. If you’ve noticed your ceiling light fixtures are losing
The days are growing longer and hotter, which means summertime in Missouri is quickly approaching. We all love spending time outdoors after enduring the state’s colder months, but there are several housekeeping items we need to accomplish before we can relish in the patios of our homes’ backyards. With a few touch-ups and maintenance adjustments,
We all know where a chandelier looks good — in your living room, above the dining room table, and so on. But if you’re the kind of crafty person who craves a unique twist for your home, our team at The Light House Gallery has put together a list of eight unique places in your
As technology continues to progress, so does the amount of lighting options available to customers. In fact, it wasn’t long ago when your only lighting options for your home were available in incandescent or fluorescent lighting. However, in recent years, a new lighting competitor has emerged which many homes throughout the country are beginning to

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