A new introduction from Bulbrite that features an oversized envelope that gives our customers a very easy way to create a historical look. Currently we are offering four featured bulbs for only $33.25!

In the video to the right Ian Loyd explains the different features of these light bulbs and how they can be best applied to a space inside your home. We encourage you to come into our showroom and view these beautiful bulbs in person. All four bulbs featured below are in-stock and ready for you to take home!


Understanding These Bulbs

What Is This?
These are a new introduction from Bulbrite featuring a bigger envelope which means the glass is oversized allowing for a dramatic historic look. It’s an easy way to do a pendant where you purchase a socket and canopy and just screw this bulb into it and you don’t have to worry about a fixture because this can be used as a standalone piece because they are larger than your standard historic light bulb.

Where Can You Use These Bulbs?
Anywhere you would want to use a pendant. We have helped customers use these over a kitchen island or breeze ways in kitchens, to highlight the space. Depending the canopy you are putting them on or how many you are combining will allow you to create a custom statement piece for your space. We’ve seen beautiful creations where customers have hung 10 to 15 of these lights together to create a beautiful chandelier hanging above a dinning room table.

The best part about these bulbs are the fact that when it comes to lighting design the only limit is your imagination. They are versatile, affordable and easy to install. If you would like to learn more about how these bulbs can be incorporated into your unique space please contact us where you can schedule a free lighting design consultation or visit our showroom and view these bulbs in person.

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